Administrative organization

CPC & Mass Departments

Office of CPC Committee

Organization Department of CPC Committee (CPC School)

Publicity Department of CPC Committee

United Front Work Department of CPC Committee

General CPC Branch of the Administrative Offices

CPC Discipline Inspection Committee (Supervision Office)

Department of Student Affairs (Department of People's Armed Forces)

Youth League Committee




Office of Presidents

Development & Planning Office (Institute of Higher Education)

Office of Academic Affairs

Scientific Research Office (Office of Discipline Development)

Personnel Office

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Admission & Careers Guidance

Financial Office

Logistics Office

Office of Public Safety

Office of Auditing

Office of Supervision

Office of State-Owned Assets Management

Office of Infrastructure Construction

Office of International Affairs

Office of Local Cooperation

Office of Retired Staff


Teaching-Support Departments

Faculty of Continuing Education


Network Management Center

Center of Modern Education Technology

Journal Editorial Department

Laboratory Management Center

Teaching Supervision & Assessment Center


Affiliated Departments

Second Affiliated Hospitalof Pingdingshan University